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Do I need to have an accredited degree?

Yes. This minimum qualification is expected from our students as they hold academic accomplishments in high regard. However, the degree can be in any discipline as long as it is accredited.

Do I need to be TEFL/TESL certified?

Whilst this is desirable and beneficial, it is not a pre-requisite. Our training programs and ongoing support extends all the skills you will need to deliver our lessons.

Do I need to be a Native English Speaker?

Yes,  Our students have little opportunity to speak English and want to learn from teachers who have fluency and an expertise of the language. We are also interested in recruiting Native French, Itialian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and German teachers. Let us know if you can speak more than one language fluently.

What is your criteria for deciding who is a Native English Speaker?

Even though individual situations can differ, Native Speakers of any language are usually classified by the amount of education they have received in the language. As a rule, anyone that has been immersed in an English learning environment since primary education would qualify.

Do I get paid for the times I have no students?

Yes, once you are set a schedule, you are paid for that time regardless of how many students you have.

Can I pick and choose my schedule?

Initially we work with new teachers to design a mutually beneficial schedule. However, after that weekly schedule has been set, then changes are not frequant

How many hours can I work?

We have an AM shift and a PM shift, of about 4 hours each, which can be connected for a total 8 hour shift. 

Is there a dress code?

Yes, smart casual is acceptable. Japanese students view the world of education in high regard, so appropriate attire is required.

Do I need to know Japanese?

No. We promote a total immersion environment at ECC Teaching At Home and discourage Japanese usage from students and teachers.

What does my home office need to look like?

Basically, you will need a quiet area that is free from disturbances, i.e. phone, doorbell etc. The camera background needs to be neutral, so as not to distract students.

Do I need my own computer?

Yes. You will need to have the appropriate equipment and peripherals including headset, camera etc. We help you with the set-up.

What kind of software do I need?

ECC Teaching At Home utilizes proprietary software, open source software and freeware like Google Hangouts. The majority of the tools are cloud-based and the software is completely non-invasive.

Can I use Wi-Fi?

Unfortunately, no. We all love Wi-Fi, but it does not lend itself to the stability needed for video-conferencing. A direct cable connection to your modem/router is required.

What is the interview process like?

We want to consider as many people as possible, but there are certain criteria that applicants must have before they can move onto the next stage. The next stage is a video-interview, finally followed by an English Grammar Test. The Grammar Test is multiple-choice and consists of 50 questions in a 30-minute period. The questions look at your knowledge of English grammar, parts of speech, etc. 70% is the pass mark that is required.

Can I work in Japan in the future?

There is a big possibility of being recruited in Japan through our Japanese partners. We work closely with a recruiter in Toronto that sources Canadian teachers for positions in Japan.

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