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Hiring for 2019

 JOIN US AND TEACH Japanese students via the Internet. 

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Canada +1 705 440 0446

Ireland +353 1 443 4086


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What We Do.

We specialize in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) to Japan-based learners using E-Learning tools.  We partner with the largest, private educational institute in Japan  and employ teachers in Canada and around the world to connect and help our students realize their dreams of becoming more proficient in and fluent with the English language.


Teachers conduct lessons from the comfort of their own home offices and connect with Japanese students via our interactive and virtual classrooms. This allows our students to speak directly to a native English speaker and practice the nuances of the language. Students are usually well-versed in English grammar, but lack the chance to practice everyday conversations. ECC Teaching At Home allows them the opportunity to connect with teachers from Canada.


We offer a variety of classes such as: Everyday English Conversation, Business and Hotel English, Kids Lessons and much more

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